Monday, February 21, 2011

its that time again.. boy or girl?

Well, as of now we will hopefully be finding out if this little nugget is a boy or girl this Friday!

I can not wait. I was telling Freeland that I think some things about being pregnant are even more exciting the second time around. And Im pretty stinkin excited.

And just like last time, I cant believe we are already this far along. It seems like just last week we found out we were prego.

So, per your request I put up a poll on the blog.. (just kidding you didnt request it but saying that makes me feel less silly about doing it!)

so once again feel free to all join in on the fun.. share your opinions.. feel like your voice is being heard..

The little poll is over there on the right. (Its anonymous for those who are interested in knowing)

Now the burning question - do you think its a boy or girl???

(thanks for playing along! I loved seeing what everyone thought last time!)


  1. I can't believe its already time for you to find out. Time is flying by!! We get to find out end of April and I can hardly wait.

  2. Whew... Thank God it's anonymous... Don't want anyone knowing my opinion! I hope it's another boy!!!!!

  3. I voted girl but as soon as I submitted it I wanted to change my answer ;) Congratulations, either way, can't wait to find out along with you guys.

  4. I hope it'll be another boy, Just like River.. You guys have the sweetest baby boy! Hope your having a good time in Texas! Miss you..

  5. I always wanted my 2nd to be another boy but I hope you get to have a sweet baby girl. There is just something so precious about a daughter! It will be wonderful either way, but that's just my thought...probably because that's what I have :)

  6. As today is my birthday and I am the Nana - I want River to have a baby brother. But, a sister will be okay.