Thursday, February 24, 2011

Id say we're having fun

if this isnt proof that River is l.o.v.i.n.g. seeing all his family, I dont know what is:

River & Pop
River & Pop playing ball together at my aunt & uncles house. adorable. Thanks Denise for the picture!

I think its safe to say River is a champ at traveling.  Almost every night it seems he is sleeping in a different place, taking naps on the go, meeting new people, being passed around, etc. etc. etc. While it can be exhausting its very much worth it. (however, we are taking a break because now he is sick with his first cough so we'll be laying low for a few days) He is definitely recognizing family members now. And it makes my heart very happy to see him so loved on. The only hard part is that even though we are here for an extended period of time it doesn't mean that he gets an extended amount of time with every one. Mostly because everybody else's life cant stop just because we are here. But Im thankful for the time he is getting. And Im thankful for the ways people have put their life on hold to make time for us.

Im also thankful Freeland is making the sacrifice for us to get all this time with our family. (umm lets just say he is working hard right now and only getting really 2 days this month with his son) He is learning a lot but I know its hard not getting to see us everyday.

And in other news it looks like we will be finding out if River is going to have a little brother or little sister tomorrow at 11:30am! Its still undecided if I'll have them tell me there or have them write it down and wait until Freeland is with me to read it.. either way, we find out tomorrow! Looks like majority is thinking a girl on the survey. But just by 9 people. I still have no idea what I would guess the sex is. So its been fun reading what yall are guessing!

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