Friday, February 18, 2011

2 months away from a year

well 10 months old. which means Im getting emails telling me to start preparing for your 1st birthday!

Yikes. stop. it.


I would summarize you being 10 months old by saying you are just becoming a crazy little boy. You LOVE attention. And you pretty much demand it all day long. If anybody so much as smiles at you they are your favorite person & will have you laughing all day long. (umm and when you see a picture of yourself you just about die. should I be concerned?) You are on the go all the time. Which has kept me on my toes. You babble and "talk" all the time. You still go back and forth between favoring MaMa & DaDa different weeks. Its my favorite when you wake up and say mama in your crib.


I would also say one of the things that stands out the most is the amount of food you will eat. Its fun seeing you try everything new and eat what we eat for dinner. Dont get me wrong - you can be picky. But most days as long as you are eating you are happy. You are a bottom-less pit. And Im pretty sure you eat more food than I do. I would be worried except that you still have the skinniest little arms & legs. (you weigh 20 lbs now.. I made your dad weigh you when we were at my OB appointment) Also, its really the only way I know you dont feel good .. when you dont want to eat! ha


You love to dance, to chase your dad around the house, to watch mickey mouse, to wave, to bounce around (still a favorite) and to play with other kids. Youre starting to love playing with cars too. And just this week you went to your first playground. (since we are in Texas and the weather allows those sorts of things in February) you LOVE the swing. Even if youre just sitting in it and not moving. And the bath is still one of your favorite places too.


Im amazed watching all the things you are learning & figuring out. You blow me away with what a little charmer you can be. I have a feeling you are going to be one determined little boy as you grow up. And like I say every month, youre definitely still a daddys boy. Its pretty sweet. Thankfully you still arent at the age where you realize he is gone (at work). But once he is home he has your full attention.


This stage has been so fun. Watching you learn, interact, and become more independent. But Im gonna go ahead and say Im more tired than I was when you were a newborn. Even though you sleep so well. Im exhausted. That could just be the pregnancy but phew. Im definitely ready for bed the second you go down. (which makes me thankful you go to bed early) You are the biggest joy. the way your nose squishes when you smile melts my heart. I cant wait to see you as a big brother.



  1. Precious pictures!! And you're tired because you're pregnant. I have experience in the chasing a toddler while being pregnant and as crazy as it sounds you will feel more energetic once new baby is born! Being pregnant is tiring!!

  2. RIVER!! Stop growing up so fast!
    As soon as you get back from the South we're coming to see you. Well, not RIGHT after - we'll give you a week or so.