Wednesday, January 12, 2011

why we have pets

First of all the snow is crazy outside. dumping. I love it. But Im not enjoying the idea that I have to get out in it.

Second, this kids laugh has to be the best thing Ive ever heard.


Freeland always has him rolling like this from the minute he gets home from work.

but now Eddie can get him to do it too:

thankful that Eddie enjoys playing like this and doesnt mind how much you pull on him. But Im thinking we need to teach River that most cats dont enjoy this! oops.

*dont worry.. Eddie doesnt actually scratch even though it looks like he would and I say during the video he better not.. thats me being a typical mom I guess. We wouldnt let him play with River if he did :)


  1. that just made my morning. nothing is better than a baby's laugh - River is just too cute!

  2. Okay Ty and I just watched and laughed over and over. He calls it "the funny baby cat video" now. "Wanna watch the funny baby cat video..."

  3. this.

    nothing like the baby giggle :)

  4. what a great laugh! Hudson has watched this video 3 times already :) And Rhett commented that it really isn't nice to pull a cat's tail -- ha ha.