Wednesday, January 19, 2011

vintage books

Freeland's dad is always so great at handing things down to us. Anytime he gives us a gift more than likely he has included something that belonged to him or someone in his family. I love it! I would much rather fill our house with things that belong to our family members & were special to them than stuff we just bought.

So note to family: please dont throw anything away.. I'll take it.

Moving forward. This year he gave River some Mother Goose books that have been in their family. Oh my gosh I love them.


check that out:
it says Christmas 1915!!


I love everything about the books. The fact that they belonged to Freelands dad.. they have writing in them.. someone colored on some of the pages.. the illustrations.. the stories & how crazy they are because their old.. and lots more



I dont think you would EVER find things like this written in childrens books today:


and another example:


Im so thankful River has these. He also passed down his baby spoon & fork .. and a few other things. Its always special to be able to have these things. We're going to try to put a shelf in Rivers room so these can be up there. Obviously, I wont be letting him rip these books up like he will his other ones!


  1. Such a neat thing to hand the pictures!
    and I'm proud of you for teaching R how to be more independent. I did that with all three of mine and they play really well by themselves. When they're that close together it's a must--you won't physically be able to hold him all the time and if you start now it won't be something he associates with the baby. :)

  2. How special. My grandparents started giving pieces of crystal or serving pieces from their collection for gifts each year. it means so much more to me than something new.