Friday, January 28, 2011

January 27th, 2011

Janauary 27th, 2011 .. the day Freeland and I have officially been dating 6 years.

6 whole years and 2 babies later. Crazy. We're going on a hot date tonight to celebrate.

Also, its officially the day that both Freeland & I felt baby #2 kicking in my tummy. (there's a party in my tummy.." sorry I couldnt help myself. Im a mom. Its a Yo Gabba Gabba song for those confused.)

Ive been feeling it for a few days but I felt it from the outside for the first time last night. And I of course woke Freeland up and made him feel. His words as he rolled over half asleep were "its way to early.. umm wait never mind thats a baby moving" It was a sweet moment laying there together. I love that we both got to feel it. And I laid there the rest of the night (not sleeping) trying to feel it again.

I felt River at 14 weeks and now this baby at 14 weeks too.

My little heart is full.


  1. So sweet! Enjoy your date tonight!

  2. congrats on baby#2!!!!!!!!! hope yall are doing good! i gave you a STYLISH BLOG AWARD on my blog:) go check it out!

    :) linz

  3. Kevin and I met in Jan of 05! Congrats on the party in your tummy! I say girl : )

  4. i can't believe you feel them so early! i didn't feel hank until 20 weeks and not on the outside until after that. so far i haven't felt this one either i don't think. i'm SO ready...should be any day!