Tuesday, January 11, 2011

freelands 29th birthday

lets just say Im pretty sure Freeland will be okay forgetting this birthday.  And Im really thankful it was his 29th and not his 30th.. because it may be the worst birthday yet.

Saturday I woke up with the intention of starting a weekend of celebrating Freelands birthday. But instead had crazy cramping in my stomach. I didnt think much of it because the doctor said that would happen b/c of the scar tissue from my last pregnancy. But by 3:00 I was throwing up. I Still thought maybe it was pregnancy or just food poising.

Dont worry that at 5:00 we were having people over & we also had friends in town to celebrate their engagement .. and I was upstairs asleep. So Freeland pretty much ended up throwing his own birthday get together that night. He worked his tush of preparing the food, serving everyone, and cleaning up for 15+ people. And I sat there trying not to run to the bathroom.

Sunday pretty much the same story. I dont think I got out of bed except to tell Russ & Corinne bye.

Then Monday on his actual birthday we woke up at 1:00am with me laying on the bathroom floor and River throwing up all over his crib. Happy Birthday Freeland!!!

He made it back to bed for a few hours since he had to be back up at 4:00am to get ready to work. Which he did. But by 8:00 I had to call him and ask if there was any chance of him being able to come home because I couldnt help River and throw up at the same time. So he had to leave a full day of surgery (which he really wanted to be there for) and then I had to cancel the babysitter we had for that night. ;(

In summary, he spent his birthday taking care of 2 sick ones at home. eating left overs. cleaning up River's throw up. and cleaning the house.

Really glamorous.

Thankfully Drew came by and brought him a coconut cream pie. So he kinda saved the day there.

I think we are all on the mend now. Hopefully Freeland wont catch what we had (and gave everyone else) and we can go celebrate later this week. I did go to the doctor yesterday since I couldnt keep liquids down for 2 + days... just to check on the baby. All is well - heartbeat was nice & strong. And Im able to keep stuff down now. Freeland is back at work & River finally had a wet diaper again & isnt throwing up so far this morning!

So lets just pretend to hit the rewind button and do this all again later!

But for now - Im going to take another nap.


  1. The stomach virus is by far the worst thing that can hit your house....especially when your child gets it!! I hope you guys are feeling better!!