Sunday, January 2, 2011

christmas around our house

every year I post pictures of the new decorations we acquired throughout the year. Normally I would have posted these before Christmas but seeing as that didn't happen here they are now.

Obviously the biggest addition to this years Christmas was this guy:


but around our house here are the things we added.

(to see all the other things .. if you care .. you can click here, here, & here  because there is WAY more than what we have in these pictures)

river got his own stocking .. also the mantle got a lot more decorated.

and the animals got moved:

lots of new wreaths. this is just one of them.

antique ornaments that freeland found me

more ornaments freeland found

a cookie plate for Santa that was Tracy's & she gave us at River's baby shower .. Im so thankful that she did.

an ornament that Tracy also handed down to us from her family & is now on the tree

more of rivers first christmas ornaments from my mom

(not River in the picture in case you were wondering!)


and last but not least:

a baby stocking for River that my mom MADE herself. She stitched the entire thing & I love it. My brother & I both have one from when we were babies so she wanted to make sure River had one too. I think it turned out amazing.

not a decoration but just love Freeland & River on the ground playing together.


New Years has been wonderful. David has been in town visiting and we've all had a blast. If you are keeping track this is the FOURTH time he has come to visit... so Im pretty sure that means he loves us.


  1. Love it! Can I ask what lens you used in most of (all?) these pics? You're pictures are amazzzzzing!!

  2. LOVE the decor. So, now the question is: When does it go down?! We spent today boxing ours up. Sad!

  3. The stocking is beautiful! Your mom did an amazing job!

  4. "Antique" ornaments?!?! They were our standard ornaments when I was a kid. Does that make me an antique?

  5. Staci - its a 50mm lens that Freeland got me a while ago. I can email you more details if you want! Just let me know!

    Mark - good question. They came in these old torn apart boxes I should look at the year on them and then let you know if that makes you an antique! :)

    Oh and the decorations will probably be up for a while - a mix of being too lazy but also wanting them up! :)

  6. Sure I would love the deets of the lens! If you don't mind?! :)