Thursday, January 13, 2011

12 week pictures

sorry they are of the baby .. not me. Im not sure which you were expecting! I actually havent taken any yet! woops.

I went yesterday and had my 12 week sonogram done. River went with me and played on the ground while baby #2 had his/her picture taken.

So far the baby looks exactly like River looked at 12 weeks. which isnt saying much:

baby ackley2
this is actually the same pose River was in also

baby ackley2 1

baby ackley2 3

baby ackley2 2
already shy!

if youre intersted here is River's sonogram at 12 weeks. We put them side by side and the bone structure looks the exact same. Im sure all babies look the same at this point though? The heart beat was good and I just kept telling River that was his baby brother or sister. He just stared and me and kept eating the snacks I put in front of him! Poor kid has no idea whats going on!

We're off to celebrate Freeland's birthday tonight. (finally!) woo hoo! 


  1. Baby number 2 and River *do* look a lot alike! That's awesome, because River is adorable! God bless your pregnancy :-)

  2. Okay my girls looked different even from that early. Especially when you get a good profile shot like you did, I think you can tell they will look alike! Ty and Joy looked very much alike in sono pictures and they do in real life too! I'm gonna need to see your belly soon. Thank you.