Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oliver & River being BFFL

(look at me - posting twice in 1 day. I cant remember the last time this happened!)

Oliver is still jumpy around River.

As if all 18 lbs of him (thats what Im guessing he weights) is going to hurt a 180+ lbs dog.

But as Ive shown before.. we work on it all the time. These pictures are from when River was 5 months old I think? I cant believe how much he has changed. crazy




those were all freeland forcing Oliver to lay with River. Then he did this:


umm what?

ummm. this is different

guys - his head is a little heavy. feel free to help anytime.

guess we made progress. I finally got some pictures of River & Maddie. I'll have to post those because she loves kids and lets him play, sit, pull, etc. all over her.

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