Thursday, December 16, 2010

first visit with Santa

After thanksgiving we got the crazy idea (with Russ & Corinne) to go to the mall on black friday! I mostly wanted to visit the Dunkin Donuts that they just opened but while we were there Freeland ran over to see if there was a line for Santa and I didnt even believe him when he said there were ZERO people in line!

Of course we ran over right away so we could let River meet Santa for the first time.

Note: I realize now that most people dont want to take their kids shopping with them on black friday so thats probably why there wasnt a huge line .. meaning this is the day we will go every year from now on!

River was hilarious. He just stared & stared. I think he was trying to figure out how to pull his beard. We were FINALLY able to get him to look at us instead of Santa to snap a quick picture. Of course the one picture he was laughing in their camera died or something but I still love what we got:

Rivers first visit with Santa

I think River just told him that all he wanted for Christmas was world peace and a healthy family to spend the day with.. he didnt need toys because he realizes thats not what Christmas is about. He's just really selfless and loving like that.

obviously had I known he was going to have his first picture done I would have probably dressed him different and made sure he was a little more rested. (because Im vain like that)  But regardless (or irregardless .. just kidding dad.. i know its not a word) Im thankful for the picture

Corinne was nice enough to snap some pictures with her phone while we were getting his picture done. So here is a "behind the scenes" look:

Rivers first visit with Santa
us introducing him to the man from up north .. and a view of Freelands bottom

Rivers first visit with Santa
this is pretty much what he did the entire time

Rivers first visit with Santa

Rivers first visit with Santa
finally looking forward.

adorable. that kid. I tell you.

Im thankful Russ & Corinne were with us because they love River a lot. So it was special.

Im sure next year he will scream because he will actually realize he is sitting in some creepy guys lap. but this year it was a blast!


  1. I just had my daughter's picture taken with santa at the Millcreek mall too! It was a different santa though haha. Your son is so adorable :)

  2. Russ wanted me to tell you all that he's happy that River knows what the REAL meaning of what Christmas is irregardless of what the TV tells River he should ask for ;)