Wednesday, December 29, 2010

christmas morning

Christmas morning was great. Freeland & I woke up early to finish baking all the cinnamon rolls we started the night before. We wanted to make sure we were done before River woke up so we could just enjoy the morning once he was awake.

Umm PW's Cinnamon Rolls make a TON of cinnamon rolls. The only proof I have is a picture from my phone:

holy smokes.

They were good though. It was my first time making them & we might be switching our christmas morning tradition from Monkey Bread to these now.

Now onto the rest of the morning.

First this little guy woke up:



(note: we actually got him up .. changed his pajamas into Christmas pajamas.. put him back in bed & went back out of the room and staged the whole thing to do it again and get these pictures because his christmas pj's were dirty the night before! Im sure he was confused)

(also note - I actually forgot to wash his pj's so we just put dirty christmas pajamas on him that morning anyway) 

Then we took him downstairs to show him that Santa paid us all a little visit:


this is River's bed head



and before we knew it he was digging into everything:






eating the bible that he got from Rhonda


sharing his toys with Maddie. (such a sweet little guy)


My mom got him one of those books where you can record yourself reading the story to him. This was him listening to her reading the story:


She was on skype watching. It was sweet:


Freeland enjoying his toys too:



then after it was over we told River that he was in charge of the clean up:



Obviously River really had no idea what was going on but every time we opened a gift he pretty much squealed/yelled until we gave said gift to him to play with. So in some ways it seemed like he got it.

The rest of the day we spent cleaning up, cooking, and talking to all our family on skype. Then we headed over to Adam & Camille's for dinner. Ill post those pictures next. It was a great first Christmas as our own little family. We felt selfish with all these gifts and already started discussing how in the future we are going to have to work really hard to make sure River understands what Christmas is really about.

I did love playing Santa this year though.


  1. The rolls were so good! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Isn't Christmas SO MUCH FUN with child!?!? :) Love it. All your pictures were priceless.

  3. Sad I missed those rolls. =) Looks like you guys had a great time celebrating Christmas together. Miss you Brooke!

  4. Ok, Brooke- You are my hero! I have tried and tried to make PW's rolls and CANNOT get them to rise! What is the secret?? I hope it's not moving to Pennsylvania to escape the humidity of the south ;)

  5. chloe got THREE of those books. argh! I find they are a bit quirky though... and chloe's not quite ready, she just doesn't have the attention span to sit through the whole thing.

  6. Marylou - I wish I had some secret! Maybe it is just the humidity?! .. I did let the yeast & milk get really really hot until it looked like it was just about to boil. I was a little nervous it got too hot actually. And then I let the dough sit overnight in the fridge because I didnt want to make it all at once. It was pretty much spilling out of the bowl by the morning. Im sure none of that helped because you probably did the same things! But hopefully they will work soon!!!