Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Evening

After all the Christmas festivities were wrapped up at our house and the food was baked we headed over to Adam & Camille's house to enjoy the rest of the day with them. Allison & Seth were also in town so they joined us .. along with Christie because Bill was working. Its really nice that we are all in the same boat and totally understand being away from family & crazy schedules & can enjoy the day together.

I didnt take too many pictures. But I did get pictures of all of us doing a reading from Luke and caroling together before dinner. Camille planned it and it was really nice to all do together. (despite the fact that I CAN NOT sing to save my life)

the boys singing

and while we all read/caroled .. Henry entertained us with his gift that Santa brought him:

to say he is in love with his gift is an understatement

more reading


and then more playing:




allison and seth's sweet daughter also loved playing with the trains .. in between holding their hands.

and of course more playing. Im telling you. he barely stepped away from this thing the entire night:
he even knows how to open the drawers to put away stuff. brilliant

then after we went and all enjoyed dinner together.


it was a little crazy (read: fun) with all the kids running around and parents taking turns eating/entertaining their kids. Im thankful that we have friends we can enjoy holidays with. Please dont remind me that this is possibly one of our last christmas' with Adam & Camille. (waaaa waaa ... Debbie downer!)

oh and then on the way home. this little guy PASSED OUT.


(in his big boy car seat I might add)

he did the whole head falling forward thing that you do when you fall asleep in the car. it was cute.

Im pretty sure he was wxhausted from his first Christmas.

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