Friday, December 3, 2010

another county fair

here we are again at another county fair. Was this one waterford? Horrible I know! I cant keep up with all these counties. This time we ventured out with Sarah & Drew. Let me start by showing you River and his girlfriend:


Just for the record when River was a wee little one he was enamored by Sarah. (he still is too but it started when he was younger) Seriously .. he just stared and stared and stared. Even if I was right next to him - its like I didnt exsist anymore or something. He just wanted to smile and talk to her. Forget that I am up with him at night and Im the one who fed him.. :) its pretty cute though.

talking and cuddling with sarah. (he never cuddles with me.. pooooor mom huh?)

anyway. here are some pictures from our trip out to the fair:








Then we headed over to the animals again.

I love Drew carrying River's diaper bag. our friends are so helpful! (for reals)

the cutest little button ever!

River checking out the pigs

and this was River after the pigs:


he didnt so much like them this time. In his defense.. the were loud and crazy. It would scare me too.

I guess I stopped taking pictures after that because I dont have anymore. But dont worry we ate our way through the rest of the fair! I love that food! Then I think we just came home and hung out. Thats the problem with posting these so late! I cant remember. Either way - Im glad we took advantage of the county fairs this year. We'll definitely be doing it again next year.. because there are so many we missed!

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  1. 1.Yes, it was Waterford 2.River, we need a cuddle date soon 3.I love Drew with the diaper bag.