Thursday, December 2, 2010

7 & 8 months

I thought I was going to stop doing the monthly post at 6 months. But I really enjoy being able to look back and see when something was happening so Im combining 7 & 8 months now.


As of today River is officially 8 months old.

In the last 2 months of course a ton has changed. He is so much more interactive. Loves playing with his toys. His favorite is pulling everything out of the basket. He says a lot more syllabuls. We noticed he talks more when he is teething (and when he is tired) at the moment NaNaNaNa is his favorite. But he went through a cycle where he is mamamam and then dadadada.

Speaking of teething. The boy has the most bubba tooth smile I have ever seen.

He got his top teeth. But instead of it being his 2 front teeth. Its his 2 left teeth. so funny to see him smile! I think the other front tooth is about to come in .. but before it does Im hoping I can get a picture of him showing off his hick smile.

At 7 months we finally got into a routine of a consistent bed time.. naps.. etc. I mean he has always had a schedule (a schedule he puts himself on) but its like something clicked at 7 months & its so much more predictable and consistent and easy. It probably helped that we did "sleep training" again. He cried one night & really hasnt cried since. (praise the sweet sweet Lord)

He went through a stage where he stopped eating as much baby food. But thankfully his appetite is picking back up and he doesnt refuse fruit anymore. (I was questioning if he was my son for a while when he refused the sweet stuff and preferred green beans!) He also started eating the little Gerber puffs and LOVES them.

Its bittersweet but we have his big boy car seat in the truck now. He is pretty much too long for his little baby one so he's been using the other one now. Im thankful we already had it and didnt have to buy one but seeing him in it just blows my mind that he is growing up. 

River still doesnt crawl. He finally started pumping his little tush up in the air and I can tell he wants to move but he cant figure out how. He does somewhat crawl backwards.. more pushes himself backwards. But Im enjoying it while I can because he cant crawl over to our christmas tree and pull it down!

Oh but the boy does jump more than any kid I have ever seen (even though I have really nothing to compare it to!) even when he is on my hip he is trying to bounce and jump. His bouncy seat and little jumper things are definitely his favorite things!

In the last 2 months he experienced his first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Snow, picture with Santa, his first Christmas gift, and also got to see Niagra Falls. (last time we went we stayed in the car since it was raining)

I also think I may have just officially given him his first bruise on his head! (while he was in my lap he leaned forward and headbutted my desk) We'll see when he wakes up from his nap if its blue or not!

Oh I know there is so much that I missed. Although Im sure nobody else cares (or even reads this! :) except myself!!

All I know is that I can.not.wait. to have Christmas with this little guy.


  1. That picture is SOOOOO cute. Great shot! You'll be glad you're doing the monthly posts later. It's amazing how much you forget and it is so fun to look back through things. And I enjoy seeing how big River is getting! Still bummed that I haven't met the little guy yet. :)

  2. That picture rocks my socks! You guys are so blessed :-)