Monday, November 8, 2010

sick little baby round 2

I like to think that Freeland & I are pretty easy going when it comes to parenting. (I mean I think we are. Maybe? I guess I dont know.)

I do know I was pretty relaxed about the idea of River getting sick before.

Anytime someone said "well my kid is sick & I dont want to get yours sick... " I didnt care. I thought whats the big deal? Just a runny nose. Right?


I now understand why parents warn other parents and dont bring their kids around.

Its way more than just a runny nose.

Its up all night crying.
Its not sleeping.
Its not napping.
Its a completely exhausted little guy.
Its fussyness.
Its requiring to sleep on your chest which means you arent sleeping
Its saline wash in the nose.. which also means screaming crying & protesting.
Its baby vicks on the chest
Its taking his temperature (umm & not under his arms)
and its 20 steps backwards and back in the swaddle so he can nap

thankfully even though it was just 1 long night .. thats all it was. And it really wasn't bad. I just get why you try to prevent it now. A runny nose I can handle. All that I can also handle but would choose not to. And I just couldn't help but think praise the Lord that I am not stressed out right now about work on Monday. I would be pulling my hair out and probably crying if I was thinking about putting together a report for a conference call by 8:00am on Monday morning.

Also, I LOVED how much he wanted to cuddle with us again. (he is a wiggle worm normally & not very cuddly. sadly he gets that from me. not his dad)  I LOVED that it was his preference to be on us again. and I LOVED that its the only thing that would work. Those moments I feel like we wont get back and even though I dont enjoy him feeling yucky. Im grateful for those moments to cuddle with him again.

oh and now that he got the whole not sleeping out of his system.. he has consistently taken 2-3 hour naps for 2 days straight. and slept 14 hours last night.... sooo maybe its not all that bad!

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