Saturday, November 13, 2010


its strangely warm today. like 63. I feel like it should be 30 and snowing - but I'll take it.

I think we are all starting to finally feel better and kicking this cold in the bottom. 

Freeland is passed out on the couch right now after an early morning being on call.

And I'm pretty sure when he wakes up I'm going to suggest we go on our second walk of the day just to embrace the warm weather while we can.

Tonight the tree goes up. 

This is the first year I haven't felt like the Christmas decorations HAVE to be out on November 1st. Its strange. Its the first time I can ever remember that it doesn't feel like Christmas is right around the corner.

So I'm hoping that putting the tree up will help remedy that problem. Bethany recommended that I go to Target to help too! Great idea. I guess just going to the grocery store doesn't really make the holidays set in like a quick trip to Target can!?

I'll keep you posted on the urgent matter.

We also just finished finalizing the Thanksgiving Menu. And now Im craving everything. Cant wait. Now Im going to watch Christmas movies while Freeland & River nap ... Hope you're enjoying your Saturday as well.

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