Monday, November 22, 2010

more aunts & uncles for River

Are you tired of our pictures from Texas yet? Hopefully not because I have more that Im bustin out today!!

So basically we have lots of friends that will always be honorary aunts & uncles to River. And Zach & Vanessa are definitely one of those friends!

While we were in Texas we worked it out with Vanessa to surprise Zach with Freeland being in town. (if you didnt realize.. Freeland wasnt there the whole time. He came in & out unexpectedly! Like 2 days before the weekend before if that makes sense) Anyway..  when we rolled into Waco we originally planned for us to be in the house waiting for them. But long story short we were late and actually pulled up at the same time as they did to their house. Zach didnt see us so Freeland walked up behind him and screamed (the way Z snuck up on maddie all the time when they lived together) and hugged him. It was sweet. And Vanessa's parents were also in town and so generous to share their time with them with us!

Then the next weekend they were in Little Elm visiting Zach's sister and they made even more time for us again and stopped by our house. It was seriously such a treat to get time with them again. Here are some pictures we snapped before they left.

River in Texas

River in Texas

River in Texas

River in Texas

you cant even tell because she is so stinkin cute but Vanessa is prego! There is a little future basketball player in this picture too! Such a treat to witness that little bump in person!

River in Texas

PS - Im heart broken we didnt get pictures with Matt & Katie while we were all at lunch!!! Next time! Pleaaaaaase! And I also have ZERO pictures of Crystal, Meagan, Rachie, Ashley, Richmond, etc!! But if I did they would all fall into this post so lets pretend while I go cry about it.

PPS - PLEASE read Zach & Vanessa's blog about how faithful the Lord is. Such a great story!


  1. Aw, thx for the shout out!! I was thrilled to finally meet the mini-free:) and of course visit with ya'll!!! And yes I will pray that we get a free trip to come see you guys!!! I would LOVE that!! Have a great Thanksgiving!! love you guys!!