Tuesday, November 23, 2010

mini free

(like mini-me .. but mini-free. get it? no?)

everyone of course says that River looks exactly like Freeland.

and I agree. But at times I feel like I dont see it as much as everyone else for some reason. Then I was going through the photos from all the festivals and fairs we went to this fall and found this one from River "driving" a tractor:

mini free

the same. exact. face.

it cracks me up. There is definitely no denying that River takes after Freeland.

Freeland just started a new rotation on Monday. He is doing family practice this month. Its been wonderful because he doesnt go in until 9:00 in the morning. (normally with other rotations he leaves before Im awake) Ive loved having him here in the morning to play with River and hang out before River goes down for his first nap. I could seriously get used to this!

We also finished our table for Thanksgiving. We now have a table that seats 12 people. Freeland found it for $15! I cant wait to use it on Thursday.


  1. everyone says hank is scott's twin too...until i pulled out one of my baby pictures, and then it just confused everyone ;-) your boys are precious. and it is fun to see our husbands in our littles isn't it??

  2. interestingly enough, i saw your husband at the doctor's office this morning. i was going to say hi, then realized i don't know him in real life and what i do know of him is through your blog :) it's amazing (and weird??) when that happens. must be a sign of true transparency in your writing!

  3. Oh my. He does look just like him. But I can see you in him too-That James gene is just really strong I guess ;) Two of my kids look just like Graham and he looks just like Monte. And lately people say I look just like Mom so it's true--maybe your next baby will look just like you and you'll be even! I always tell Sean that Charlie is his only hope of a Wilborn child :)