Monday, November 1, 2010

and now for a really wordy post

I just received this text from my brother:

"dangit, you don't even have a job anymore... update the blog!!" 

so per your request here is a new post:

Im done with work. Its strange. Its exciting. Its overwhelming. Its scary. Its unreal. Its amazing. and its lots of other things too.

On Friday when I finished work Freeland & I went on a walk (probably one of the last for the year because its getting too cold) and when we got home 3 of our friends were inside with flowers, champagne & everything else to celebrate with us.

SOO nice. I have wonderful friends. So many people emailed, texted, called, tweeted, etc..  it was so overwhelming that anybody even cared! Seriously. It was like I was actually retiring from this life long career or something. My friends are amazing.

It feels really exciting and really strange. I started writing a post about all the different thoughts I had on quitting my job.. but then I realized it sounded like I wasn't grateful to be able to stop working so I deleted it.. cause you have no idea how grateful I am! I will say this because for whatever reason I feel the need to share it: I'm so excited and thankful and overwhelmed that the Lord provided a way for us to do this. That doesn't mean that it wasn't a hard decision and honestly I was shocked at all the different feelings that came along with it once it was official. I was the most shocked to realize that I found a lot of identity in working. Especially being a working mom. Dont get me wrong - Im not a career driven person. So I was surprised to realize that I had pride in working. And even though I would have always said I would prefer to stay home with our kids.. letting go of the identity I found was hard. I also realized that I instantly felt like people were judging me for not working .. even though I never judged anyone for not working. If anything I was jealous. But I all the sudden felt the need to defend or justify myself when nobody was asking me to.

Anyway, its just strange and silly & there were a lot of other mixed emotions and feelings in there. But Im glad I was instantly able to realize those feelings and deal with them. And not that any of you cared. I was just shocked by them so I thought I would share them. Im grateful that Freeland was so encouraging in this decision. It was never our plan but we realized pretty quickly it was the best thing & I never would have done it if it wasnt for him supporting & encouraging me (and pretty much picking up the phone and forcing me! just kidding) Okay I promise not to keep going on & on about this!

We went to our Annual Halloween party on Saturday with friends. Freeland & I stuck to the theme from the last 2 years and put together a costume centered around me being prego. (The first year I was Juno.. the 2nd year I was a knocked up house wife) It was a lot of fun. Im uploading the pictures right now.

Last night River got all dressed up too. OH MA GA it was adorable. Here is a preview:

Rivers 1st Halloween

I'll post those pictures asap. (i have like 2 months worths of pictures that need to be shared people! This is crazy!)

AND.. have I not mentioned? Little Elliot was born last week! Daaaannnnggg that kid is cute! Just wait. I'll show those pictures too!


  1. I certainly am proud of you Miss Brooke for taking this leap and trusting the Lord to provide for you and your family. And I'm excited so we can spend more time together! Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. You're going to be the very best SAHM! Thrilled for you!

  3. I'm jealous too (about SAHMs)! You miss so much of your child's life when you are working all day! I am happy for you guys! :-) And I'm sure River is pretty happy too!

  4. Thanks to Jason! and thanks for the updates. :)

  5. Just catching up on my Blogs and saw this picture . Brooke he is just adorable! :) Hope that your having a great weekend!