Tuesday, October 12, 2010

home. sweet. home

we are all finally back in one place & that place happens to be our home in Erie, PA. (where the weather is Amazing & the leaves are changing! I Love it!)

It feels good to be home. In our own bed. Our baby in his bed. And our stinky dogs next to us.

Even though it was SO sad to leave our family & friends back in Texas. We had the best time and Im pretty sure River will never be the same again (spoiled much!)

Today he practically cried every time I left his side. I think he got a little too used to constant attention. Ive never seen him love being the center of attention so much. (wonder where he got that from. dont answer because Im really not sure if I meant myself or his dad when I said that) Seriously, it was adorable to see him light up around everyone at home. He was such a little ham for everyone who looked his way! I loved it.

And I think traveling is good for first time parents. It forced me to be flexible (some people might say Im a little up tight when my son doesnt sleep .. but they are lying) 

oh and I used up our entire memory card on our camera so I definitely have a gazillion bazillion pictures to share. stay tuned.


  1. The people that call you uptight about River's sleeping must not be the ones who have to deal with the sleepy River :).

  2. Wishing I too could be back in Erie enjoying the cooler fall weather with you guys. And I'm glad to hear you had a great time in TX. Looking forward to seeing pics!

  3. Can't wait to see the pics! And I had the same issue with Levi after traveling, if I wasn't holding him he cried. They are so spoiled by family:)