Wednesday, October 6, 2010

flying by the seat of our pants

Phew! Freeland said the other day "lets live our life & sleep later" .. well Im pretty sure thats what we are doing this trip. (and Im also pretty sure he was just joking because if you know Freeland .. he loves his sleep.. well dont we all love our sleep?)

We have been back & forth & back again visiting everyone we can squeeze in between working & sleeping. Its been a whirlwind but its been worth it. Im thankful for all the people River has been able to meet during such a short time. Our friends & family have been so sweet to pretty much drop everything going on in their lives and make time for us.

Ive tried to take as many pictures as possible but I feel like I still dont have enough. I just want River to have a picture with everyone. (in the back of my mind I keep thinking - these will be in his wedding slide show one day so he needs a picture with everyone! strange I know because Im never letting him get married and leave me. just kidding)

Freeland is at home doing his peds rotation. Missing us like crazy.

Oh and the flight went great with River. He barely slept but was still content the entire time. Praying the flight home goes just as well.

Oh Oh - annnnd... both teeth are now in. Can I just say I have LOVED every stage so far of having a baby except the teething stage. The little demanding personality that came out of that boy + the trouble he had sleeping was exhausting at moments. But I think we have made it out alive.. of course until the top ones start coming in! ;)

OH and one last thing - my son is officially 6 months old now. (we celebrated with ice cream cake. he just watched us eat it but Im pretty sure he knew we were celebrating him still!)


  1. Loved getting to meet River and see you and your mom. Y'all took our circus in stride...I appreciate it!

  2. I can't believe he is 6 months old! Ahhh where is time going?! We have missed y'all! Glad you're back.