Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Guess who finally had his 2 front teefers pop through!?

The first one started showing up last week. It finally broke through this weekend. The second one is making an appearance right now. (just in time to board a flight tomorrow at 6am! score)

These teeth have brought out a side of River that I have never seen. I feel like he is handling it well for the most part. Except all the sudden he is pretty unpredictable. One second he LOVES that you are tickling him .. the next he is pretty ticked off that you are tickling him.. that sort of thing.  Hopefully its just the teeth! (right?)

Im busy packin up shop and getting on a plane tomorrow to head towards Tejas.

Thankfully the Texas weather has started to cool down just in time for us to arrive. (not as cool or fallish as Erie - but I'll take what I can get! :) And at least River can wear his shorts a little bit longer than he could if we were in Pennsylvania!

Oh and we painted our bedroom Gray on Sunday! Im lovin it. Ive never EVER ever really decorated or invested much in what our bedroom has looked like. It normally just gets the left overs. So in return Ive always hated the bedroom. So this is SUPER exciting to for once walk in and love how it looks. I still need to post (actually I still need to TAKE) pictures of the living room to show you the updates there.

okay.. back to packing.


  1. We painted most of our house gray a couple months ago and I love it. Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Oh, gray sounds so pretty!! Teeth already!? Levi is a month older and he's been teething for several months... but still no pearly whites. SO ready for them to pop out!