Wednesday, September 1, 2010

over stimulation?

Freeland decided River should get to play with all his toys at once the other day

Im pretty sure this is over kill ..





you cant even see all the toys that are in front of him too. jeez. ;)

(sorry for the lack of posting. its been a busy week. but good news is that Im taking half days wednesday - friday this week so I couldnt be more thrilled! seriously. it feels amazing to have half the day off!!!!)

updated: I just realized I have monday off too - holy moly this is going to be one amazing weekend!

ps: I also forgot to mention our dear friend Sarah started a blog. You know.. THE Sarah who hosts all the amazing parties.. yep! her! Pretty sure you will want to check that out - click here


  1. It may be over stimulation, but it looks like River is loving it! I love keeping up with all the new pictures; he sure is a cutie!