Monday, September 13, 2010

my favorite picture at the moment:

cutest picture ever alert:

from my phone.

this kid just melts my heart.

we had a great weekend. River pretty much lucked out at all the garage sales. He got so many great toys. (basketball hoop, car, tool set..) Of course he wont be able to use them until next summer probably but it was fun to get such a great deal on everything while we could. He'll never notice all of them are 10+ years old!

Look what else River did this weekend. (note: mom dont look)

steelers fan

He became a steelers fan.

(note: right now my mom has closed the blog and is ordering a Dallas Cowboys outfit for him so he never wears this again)

But really, River did watch the game & wear his little uniform while watching it thanks to Kevin & Becca! He's a true Pennsylvania baby!

I cant explain how much Im loving this fall weather & having our windows open. Im so glad to not experience another 80 degree day for a LONG time! Oh and we repainted our living room & dining room. Did I already mention that? I'll post some pictures soon.


  1. Definitely put that in his memory box so he can someday explain to hi kids why he has a Steelers baby bib! LOL that cracked me up bc I am an Erie person living in Pittsburgh and every baby has a Steelers bib so your might as well too...

  2. Love the pic of him sticking his tongue out!! So cute!!!

  3. that is such a cute picture! I can't believe you were able to capture it! We haven't sold out to the Steelers but its a comin

  4. I remember you tweeted that first picture of River and it is pretty stinkin' cute. You also look great in that light blue oxford shirt. Glad to see it found a good home. =)