Wednesday, September 15, 2010

grace like a river


just heard the lyrics "grace like a river" and it just hits a little (HUGE) part of my heart.

I love this guy. And I love the personality he is starting to show.

I love when he grabs our faces (which ps. it only took him grabbing my nose ring twice for me to take it out)

I love when he hides his face from the mirror

I love when he tries to sit up (even though he still cant without help)

I love when he laughs after he toots

I love when he gets so excited that he cant contain himself

I love when he sticks his tongue out.  (see post below)

I love his little hands & his chunky thighs. his tush is my favorite though. 


  1. Oh wow, this made me beautiful!

    And that picture is amazing!

  2. Brooke-that pic of y'all is great. Loved seeing that River has your eyes! He is precious.


  3. love love love your blog Brooke:) Such an adorable picture too!

  4. Wallpapers for blogger :

  5. I was wondering about the nose ring- I want to get mine repierced so badly but I don't think I will after hearing that!

  6. This blog is amazing. Your pictures are so adorable. Thanks for sharing.