Monday, September 20, 2010

flying with a baby?

SO it was bound to happen at some point. seeing as we live so far from family.

Im leaving soon to go to a wedding.. with River.. via an airplane.. all by myself.. with a connecting flight..

I originally planned on going to visit family in July or August when he was younger. But then realized I didnt want to even attempt to put myself through the kind of heat Texas was having much less introduce River to it.

But I cant put it off any longer because my sweet friend is getting married in San Antonio and I must be there!

SOOOO any tips for traveling with a 6 month old baby? 

Id love to hear anything & everything you have to say about it. The good, the bad, the ugly (i want to be prepared for the worst so I trick myself into hopefully thinking it was easy!)

okay go... 


  1. Make sure you have extra of everything!!!! The worst is when you run out of snacks, formula, juice, what ever he is eating!
    You will do fine!!! Good luck!

  2. I JUST took my six month old on a plane, and the biggest piece of advice I can give is to time his feeding for for the ride. It's best if you feed him as the plane is taking off so the sucking helps his ears pop, and then he'll either fall asleep for the rest of the trip or at least be a happy camper. Our flight was only two hours though, I'm not sure how long of a flight you're looking at...

  3. We flew with Avery at 2 months, but everyone we talked to said to either feed her or give her a paci on take-off and landing. They suggested nursing her but trying to do that on a Southwest flight is just about impossible - at least I thought so. So I pumped beforehand and gave her a bottle as we were taking off. Another tip, try to pack as minimal as possible for your carryons. Focus on the essentials - diapers, wipes, snacks, etc. We also used a backpack instead of her diaper bag since we could wear it and be hands free for carrying her. Hope your flight goes well. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. -bring a change of clothes for him, and be prepared for the worst diaper ever (stinks in small places just happen, right)
    -pack your diaper bag efficiently and with extra diapers/wipes
    -pack your diaper bag so you can breeze through security, then re-organize post security. it helps you feel less stressed when you will already feel overwhelmed bc you are traveling with baby and everyone around you thinks you are moving too slow, our diaper bag is a backpack stlye which is super travel friendly, plus has a built in fold out changing pad which helps.too
    -some airports allow you to carry your child in the bjorn/ergo through security so you may want to just try that, that way both hands are free.
    -check your stroller/car seat at the gate and ask to board early (I always say - if you look like a mess they will feel sorry for you and allow you on early, which gives you time to settle in without the rush of people
    -we keep our kiddos up and alert so they are hungry and tired, then they will nurse and nap, the nice thing about this age is they can be entertained with some toys, bring like 2 or 3
    - most importantly, remember you can always buy it when you get there, so don't overpack and overwhelm,
    GOOD LUCK :)

  5. A new small brand new book and brand new toys is a good idea also. Keep them hidden until you get on the plane and are seated. He will love new items when you take them out!

  6. we have an ergo carrier and it is PERFECT for flying. if he's in the stroller when you get to security you have to get him out and situated, etc... if you are wearing him, he goes right through security strapped on your chest and you have your hands free for all the other junk like your shoes! ha. also, don't put shoes on him...they even make the babies take them annoying :-)

  7. Guess I should start by saying I stalk your blog. Confession done, feeling better.

    Second, I have an almost 5 month old and we're taking his 2nd flight tomorrow. I didn't really do anything differently than I normally do when we leave the house, except this next time I will have him in a carrier when we arrive and have to go through security. Kinsey is right, they make you take them out of the carseat, and you know he'll be sleeping when you have to wrangle him out. Check the stroller and carseat at the gate, that way it will be there when you de-plane. Knox (my boy) did great the whole flight, until descent. I tried nursing, toys, paci's...everything. Nothing worked. It hurts them, so they cry. It seemed like he cried for hours, but it was really maybe 30 seconds. You'll sweat and think everyone hates you, but sure enough EVERYONE around me had tips and things to try for the next flight. So maybe they did hate me.

    You'll do fine. Just go with your instincts and realize you'll NEVER see the people around you again if he goes nuts or poops everywhere. Well, hopefully!

  8. I obviously have no experience yet and I am sure all the eye rolling of babies on planes in my past will be a good karma kick this winter with our new baby, but I saw this short article this morning and thought of you.

  9. Im about to get on a plane with Kase to dallas! In a few hours! We flew to Florida when he was 7 weeks and even though he was satan's brother at that age; he pretty much slept the whole way to FLorida! It was magic. Something about the noise and vibration on the plane. I sat in the VERY last row so I could be near the bathroom and have space if I needed to (my advice). Im going to do the same tonight. Good luck!