Tuesday, September 21, 2010

can you tell Im avoiding pictures?

not on purpose I just haven't had time to open them up & post them. 

will do that soon. promise

because it turns out babies this young change daily. So you deserve to see more pictures of him. 

I dont think I have to tell you this but the boy gets cuter everyday. So the last picture you saw of him - guys.. he is even cuter now! Just wait!

thank you for all your help & traveling advice! seriously! Yall are wonderful and Im thankful you take the time to comment and help little ol anxious me. (i never thought to take the bjorn so thats a GREAT idea and will help a ton as I will also be taking my laptop for work through security so unloading that, plus a baby, plus a stroller... etc.. = bjorn is heaven sent! all of your comments and help = heaven sent also!)

Oh and River finally eats food. I guess it turns out he just hated the Rice Cereal and wanted to throw it up to show us that? Because he eats veggies like a stinkin champ. leaning over and practically begging for more. But put rice cereal in front of him and his lips are sealed shut. Or if they arent then 4 hours later you have throw up all over you. SO I think we will stick to the veggies. I dont think Ive heard of any other kids doing this? (except ones i found on google searches) The doctor never mentioned she thought he was allergic just that his stomach didnt like the texture. So its strange to me. But it only proves the theory that every child is different.

Freeland is finishing up his OBGYN rotation this week and moving on to work in a pediatricians office next week. It will be a nice change in pace since he wont have to carry a pager with him everywhere. ;)

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