Friday, September 10, 2010

5 months

5 months
rockin the mohawk (freeland loves styling his hair)

Im absolutely loving this little guys personality these days. He continually cracks us up. And you can tell he is starting to understand so much more & wants to play & interact with us more. His newest trick is sticking his tongue out. I think he figured out it makes us laugh so he does it all the time now. (or he just does it all the time and we continue to laugh) But I love it either way. He's also learned that he can scream really loud if he wants to. (like a happy laughing squealing) I love it.


At 5 months he weighs 15.4 lbs. And he actually ended up hating .. I mean absolutely hating Rice Cereal. I think the first time he enjoyed that we were all laughing so much & never really swallowed any? Im not sure because since then if we try to give him any he throws it up. Same with oatmeal. After trying lots of different things (and amounts.. and times of days..etc.) The doctor said its probably just because his stomach cant handle the texture yet? And we'll just keep trying every few days until he can handle it. We are going to try veggies (even though she said the same thing will probably happen.. so yay for green vomit!)


Im not concerned because he laughs right after he throws up (probably because he threw up all over us.. and thats funny to him) so I know he isnt in pain. And he doesnt have any other reaction. And he is still thriving so in due time he'll get it.


Now that the weather is getting colder he finally gets to wear cute beanies and all his warmer outfits. Which of course he looks like the cutest thing Ive ever seen in all of them. (especially footed pj's.. and hats!)

We've been taking him to all the festivals still. He loves them & just sits back & takes it all in with the most serious look on his face. I cant wait to take him to the pumpkin patches soon!


In his 5 short months he has been all over the place.. Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Central PA and Niagara Falls! And soon we get to add Texas to that list! World traveler I tell you!


He is definitely a daddy's boy. (if I haven't already mentioned that? :) But really he is. However there are still times that he needs his mom. And I think its such a beautiful thing how we can both meet different needs for him & love him in different ways. Its definitely teaching me so much about the love the Lord has for his children (us) and both the Father heart of God but also the mothers heart too.


  1. Wow! I can't believe how old he is looking! I can't wait to meet him soon:)

  2. Love all of the pictures! He just gets cuter! Looks just like his daddy too...I'm sure you get tired of hearing that cuz I sure do :) Something special about being the mama though!

  3. Everytime I see River, I can't believe how he looks more and more like his daddy. Doesn't time fly? Kids are the most precious blessing :)

  4. he is so so so cute. i LOVED that age. (of course i have truly loved every single stage and age though...ha!)