Thursday, August 19, 2010

sick little baby

River & Freeland'
i know its out of focus but we both still love this photo.  He looks so much like both of us as babies in this picture that I cant decide which one he looks the most like. Probably still Freeland if I had to say one. Or wait me. Or wait. I dont know. (of course normally he looks way more like Freeland)

Late Sunday night I got sick. Which of course meant that yesterday morning River woke up sick.

Poor little guy

Its his first time being sick. (and its ALL MY FAULT! just kidding)  I hear him sneezing all night on the monitor.

Thankfully he doesnt have a temperature and is still relatively happy. So his Dr. says he is just fine.

But he's having a hard time sleeping. (see above sentence about sneezing while he is asleep)

Im sure this is the first of many colds/yucky sickness to come. But its of course sad to see him not feel well.

oh and this morning his little nose was so runny! it was kind of cute. (and thankfully he will still let me wipe his nose at this age!) of course Freeland isnt sick and wont ever catch whatever we both have. His immune system does cartwheels over mine I guess.

One positive thing - Ive had dessert for dinner pretty much straight the last 3 nights! boo ya.


  1. aww poor little guy. Hope he gets to feeling better very soon. he's such a little cutie. :)


  2. He is such a sweet looking little baby! Poor lil guy, hope he feels better soon!.. and you!

  3. The first time they get sick is the worst! (Not like it is ever fun to have a sick little one though!) Hope you're feeling better too.

  4. Now's the time to see if he wipes his nose the same way you do. We already know he does the seal.

  5. thanks for your sweet comments!

    Sarah - youre funny. of course thats how he wipes his nose! Takes after me! One day he will also work at Sonic and make the Big Bucks!

  6. Love tgat you wrote boo ya. Are you sure ot wasn't Freeland that married into the family? 