Monday, August 9, 2010

Rivers new best friend

Meet Miley.. our new puppy!

River & Miley

JUST KIDDING! Im pretty sure 4 animals is enough.

Miley is our friends dog. And last weekend we FINALLY got to meet her (and see them). Russ & Corinne just moved down to Pittsburgh for all their rotations so they came up to visit for the day. (you can do those sorts of things when you arent studying all weekend!! YAY) All the boys went & played golf in the morning and then we cooked out and watched a movie that night. It was so nice just relaxing and hanging out. Im thankful that even though they moved they arent far & we can all easily see each other!

sadly this is the only picture I got of everyone the entire day:

all the rest were of Russ & Corinne's dog. But you can at least see their adorable puppy.

River & Miley

River & Miley

River & Miley

Im pretty sure Miley was so in love with that toy she had no idea River was even climbing all over her!! too funny!

River & Miley

Isnt she the most adorable puppy! I will say she is also one of the most well behaved puppies we have ever seen..

Please come back soon! We already miss you guys!

PS - Happy Birthday Corinne!
and if you want to see more pictures check out her blog - she was smart and took more pictures through out the day. (meaning she has more pictures of River. just kidding. kinda)


  1. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!! And thanks for the compliments about Miley - I would tell her but I don't want her to get a big puppy-head on her shoulders ;)
    We had such a blast with you all and I cannot wait for your trip to visit us! I should get started planning that...

  2. That's a VERY good pup for being so tolerant of the baby!