Friday, August 20, 2010

i know i can dance

I know not everyone has loved this season of SYTYCD. But Ive really enjoyed it. I love all the all-stars.

(I havent seen all the episdoes but I do know who won.. I have a date with the DVR this weekend to catch up)

Anyway - I LOVED these dances & have gone back multiple times to watch them.

The first one reminds me of one we would see at our old church or conference for some reason. I cry every time I watch it. And Ive made Freeland watch it like 5 times too.

So you think you can dance - Fix you - Robert & Allison from Laura U on Vimeo.

and seriously. love this:

So you think you can dance - FAME from Laura U on Vimeo.

I also loved the homeless dance too. Even though I just want to give billy some oreos to eat or something - you cant deny he is an amazing dancer.

thats all. happy friday.

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  1. I got caught up on SYTYCD this week. Anxious to hear your thoughts on the winner this season. And I love all of the dances you posted!