Tuesday, August 24, 2010

baby in one arm .. blogging with the other

with a squirmy 41/2 month old this takes talent
(the blogging w/ one hand thing .. not the kisses below)

River & Freeland
Freeland layin a big ol fat kiss on River
I love Rivers little squished up nose .. its a new thing he is doing these days.

This weekend was great. It was Celebrate Erie.. the mega festival of all festivals in Erie.

And Bill & Christie finished off the weekend with a celebration at their house so we could all enjoy the fireworks. (thank you friends!)

I brought my camera but left the battery at the house so I have no pictures.

But trust me - it was fun. there was lots of food. lots of friends. rain. and River even liked the fireworks! (I was shocked. we thought he would be terrified)

Freeland is currently back in studying mode getting ready for his first shelf exam. (they have one every 12 weeks.) Its on Friday. And he is also finishing up all his internal rotations.

OBGYN is next. I cant wait - really. (minus the "on call" thing I guess) Im so excited to see how he likes it and how it feels doin the whole baby thing now that he has River.

(I also secretly want to know what other peoples C-Section scar looks like. Is that strange? dont tell me if it is)

Anwyay. Thats all the big stuff going on with us.. or really Freeland. My life is the same. :)

Hope to get updated on the rest of the pictures I havent posted this week once we get a break.

So get excited to see River with Rice Cereal all over his face people!! 


  1. It's not weird about the c section scar thing....I wonder that as well:) I LOVED both my c sections and to give you a bit of encouragement my scar is BARELY visible after only 16 months. In a few months it will probably be totally gone. AMAZING. Great pictures. River is adorable. He looks so incredibly sweet.

  2. I think my scar is still pretty big...do they just cut it off when you have a second one?

  3. We can compare scars someday Brooke. =) Mine is kind of dark and still sensitive to touch.