Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4 months

River 4 months

this morning I took River in for his 4 month appointment. Freeland & I had a bet on how much he would weight. I won. (just sayin) He is officially 13lbs 11oz (27th%) and 25.25inches long (65%) .. and as of today we have the go ahead to start feeding him rice cereal. Well, technically she said we could start anytime between now & 6 months so we'll see. Im in no rush. I suppose we will try it & see if he likes it. If not we will try again later. (stay tuned!)

I feel like every month, week, and even every day I say "he is laughing so much more now" and its true. Each day it seems like he talks & laughs so much more. Yesterday he almost couldn't stop laughing anytime Freeland just looked at him. Hilarious! He definitely talks the most when he is tired. Strange how that works.

River 4 months

He is learning to grab things more (especially if he can bring them up to his mouth!) In fact yesterday for the first time ever he saw Eddie (the fat cat) looked at him for a second and then grabbed him! It was so funny to watch him figure it out! Eddie was fine with it too.

He seems to slowly be getting on his own schedule. Taking 2-3 naps a day but we dont have a solid "bed time" yet its just whenever he gets tired. (anywhere from 6:30-8:30 depending on when his last nap was) I know that will even itself out so Im really not to concerned about it. He's definitely at the age where it is sad putting him to bed at night because we just want to stay up with him and play.

River 4 months

He got his 4 month shots today. The first one he was fine. The second one he screamed. and then screamed some more. Poor guy. He came home and crashed. I was smart enough to go ahead and give him medicine this time BEFORE it starts bothering him too much.

Oh and the Doctor said our son is Awesome.. but also to her it sounds like he is teething but it could be anywhere from tomorrow morning to A MONTH FROM NOW before they actually break through! So we'll see!

River 4 months

Random side note: One of River's favorite activities is sitting on the porch with us watching the cars drive by. I love how simple that is.

all the pictures were taken at a concert in the park by our house. Im especially fond of this black & white one. Some days I just want to eat him up!


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