Monday, July 12, 2010

the week my aunt saved our lives

sounds dramatic right?

Well in so many ways she did.

I mentioned before that my Aunt came in town early June to visit River. But what I didn't mention was that she moved around her entire schedule, took time off work, and even worked overtime before & after her trip to make up for the time she was going to be out just so that she could come up here.

And not only that - she made sure she came right when I was going back to work & Freeland was starting rotations so that our transition would be easier & we would have extra help.

Forget that her son graduated pretty much the week before and she had 10000+ things going on.. and honestly (even though she would NEVER say it) the timing probably wasn't the best for her!

she still wanted to take time to make the long trip all the way up here and bless us!

and seriously, it was a HUGE blessing.

Because what Ive realized now is that River was apparently going through a growth spurt while she was here. Meaning River forgot how to sleep! Or he woke up every 2 hours at night. Something I wasn't used to and freaked out about. So in the morning she took him for me so I could get some sleep. And every afternoon she would spend forever trying to get him to nap so that I could work. Meanwhile Freeland was running on survival mode just trying to get through his first week of 12+ hour days.. so without my aunts help I don't know that I would have made it through that week!

She cooked for us too! Anyone that cooks for me is a saint in my book.

Sadly I didnt get that many pictures while she was here. But I did get these.. and it shows you just a glimpse of what her week with us looked like:

River & Aunt Denise

singing to river

River & Aunt Denise

playing with river

River & Aunt Denise

talking to river

River & Aunt Denise

laughing with river

and the most adorable picture ever:
River & Aunt Denise

nothing sweeter than a baby that is passed out.. especially if they are wearing footed pj's!

River & Aunt Denise

my cousins are going to be so lucky when they have kids... Denise is going to spoil those babies rotten & love them like crazy! Because thats exactly what she has already done to River! (and I am absolutely so thankful that he is so spoiled by our families)


  1. thats funny! Especially because we are only related by marriage! She is my mom's brother's wife. Boom!

  2. Not that you asked or care, but I hated "Happy Sleep Habits, Happy Child". "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" has some good advice though.

  3. I mean Healthy Sleep the way, River is a doll.
    Isn't motherhood the hardest, but at the same time, most amazing thing ever?

  4. She's so sweet to be there for you guys! We need to schedule our trip up there!! But we seriously need a scheduled call first:)