Friday, July 30, 2010

daddy's boy

taken by Freeland when River was 2 months old

Dont let the picture fool you. River is a daddy's boy through & through. He smiles the most, talks the most, laughs the most and is the most playful when Freeland is home. And I love it. Freeland can also calm him down 1000x's better than I can. Well, except for the fact that I have ummm milk.. that always does the trick. But without that I can never calm River down. Freeland on the other hand.. just holds him & sings and boom.. he is calm. Its sweet.

I think River may be starting to get teeth. maybe? I have no idea. It started with the drool. Tons of Drool. But now its moved onto a rash on his face from so much drool, diarrhea, wanting everything in his mouth, (especially our fingers) and then the last few nights he has been up every 3-4 hours all the sudden. (this could also be because of the cursed swaddle though)  Oh and yesterday while River was "chewing" my finger it felt like his gums were harder.. as if there were teeth in there about to pop out?

But when I look in his mouth, I see nothing.

So who knows. Guess he could get teeth any day now or it could be a while. He isn't screaming in pain & doesn't look like it hurts him so maybe he is just a drooly baby who wanted to keep me up all night because he loves seeing me. I did have a dream last night that he woke up with all his teeth in & I freaked out. hmmmm...

Did I mention that we put River in the church nursery for the first time last Sunday? We did. It was heart breaking to leave him. I mean Im fine leaving him with Freeland. Ive been away from him. The same, Im fine leaving him with friends.. but for whatever reason it felt much harder leaving him in the nursery. And we made the HUGE rookie mistake of turning around and looking back at him as we walked out! (word of advice: don't ever do that. it makes everything so much harder!) He was fine. It was just an hour. They said he didn't fuss or cry at all. But it was the longest hour.

I think it was harder for us because we are starting to look at day cares. And this was just the start of us getting used to dropping him off for the entire afternoon somewhere else. I think I need to start praying for strength to be able to do that right now because it raises my blood pressure and makes me feel all sorts of anxiety just thinking about it. :)

And in other news we took River to his first Major League Baseball game last night.  It was also his first mini-road trip. (2 hours to Cleveland and 2 hours back) I'll have to post some pictures. But we are proud that his first game was watching the Yankee's play. (too bad A-rod didn't hit his 600th home run while we were there! that would have been fun to see in person)

Looking forward to this weekend. I feel like this has been the looooongest week ever.


  1. Addy still cries in the church nursery! I keep thinking leaving her will get easier, but I still hate it!!!

  2. Gorgeous picture, Brooke. He's just the cutest!

  3. Sweet picture. He could be getting teeth for sure-I've heard of babies getting them at 3 months. Mine never did that early but the symptoms are there. Teething is tricky-will pray for you!

  4. How old is he now? I took Kase to the nursery right at 2 months and we had Sunday School and Church! I had to pump a bottle and Im sure he cried tons, but I just dont want to know! *Shiver*