Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the BEST 4th of July ever

Don't worry I made the mistake of letting my family know that this was the WORST 4th of July ever (since Erie cancelled their fireworks!! who does that?) and they never let me live it down. They reminded me the rest of the weekend that I was having the worst 4th of July ever.. even though they were all here to celebrate with me!

but really it was one of the best.

Obviously because we got to enjoy so much time with River.
(Freeland & I both had Monday off!!!!)
But mostly because not only did my mom come in town to visit
My nana came too.

River got to meet his Great - Grandma (she will be nana to him too)

Such a sweet trip.

These are just pictures from my phone. I'll try to upload the other ones asap. Ive been told that my updates are taking too long and that I need to start putting more "up to date" pictures on here.. will do!

Happy 4th of July "y'all"

River in his first cowboy hat (from freelands mom & carl)

I'd also like to point out that River is finally gettin some meat on those bones! He even has sweet little rolls on his legs now! I love it!

Did I mention he is 3 MONTHS OLD NOW?!?!

River, nana, & me

my nana took this on her phone when he was singing to her in his swing.

They got him to sing a lot.. and laugh a lot.. and it seemed like he never stopped talking the entire time they were here. Oh & my mom found his ticklish spot! Its pretty funny seeing him get tickled.

The entire week was so nice. They took such great care of us.. cooked.. cleaned.. and spoiled River rotten. Freeland & I went on our first real date since River was born. We went & saw Grown Ups (i loved it!) went to eat out at the lake, and also played Putt-Putt. (i won) Then on the 4th Freeland & I went and hung out with our friends while they watched him again for us! Such a nice treat!! We grilled out a bunch and spent every night out in the backyard enjoying the nice weather.. and we spent every morning out on the front porch playing with River. Its so nice having family here.

And then they left this morning.

It was so heartbreaking. I have no idea what River is going to do without all that attention! Even though we love our life up here & really do like Erie.. its hard being so far away from family & I hate that everyone doesn't get to see River more. So Im beyond thankful for all the times we do have family here. And it was seriously so fun having my nana stay with us too & watching her love on her first great grandchild is something I'll always remember.

And now I absolutely cannot wait for him to meet his Pop!
(and the rest of our family in Texas too!) 


  1. Brooke, I LOVE the picture with the hat. He is such a cutie. He looks really long? Is he for his age?

    Also, I want to hear about your diapering adventures. I always wanted to try cloth and so I want to hear how you like it with working and all (if you have a free moment!). Are you using the G-Diaper system with its inserts?? Just curious! :)

    REALLY miss you girls.

  2. LAUREN! MISS YOU!!!! Yes.. we are using G-Diapers. We use the cloth inserts for them and so far love them!! I will send you an email with more details!

    Oh and I honestly have no idea how long he is. I think we have an appointment this week so I'll let ya know!

    PS - Sorry I missed your play group the other weekend. (just kidding.. that was us that prank called you at our sleepover! Woooops! :)

  3. beautiful photos! glad you enjoyed your weekend :)

  4. So glad your family came!! I know that must've been such a nice lil piece of "home" while they were there :) We also went on our 1st date when Claire was 3mo old. It was very liberating yet we missed her so much!
    River's getting so big ..slow down lil man!!

  5. Goodness gracious River has grown!!! He is so cute! We need to get together soon...hopefully we can get together one of these weekends.
    I love the updates and I'm so happy that your nana was able to come and visit too.
    Oh and I cannot believe Erie cancelled the fireworks!! WHAT?! Although, I have to say that Pittsburgh's weren't all they were cracked up to be. (I know that doesn't fix no fireworks...but...)