Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 months later

Dear River,

3 stinkin months. holy guacamole. just a year ago we didnt even know I was pregnant yet!

I feel like every day I look at you and you look older, bigger, and less and less like a baby. More like a little boy! At 3 months you weigh 12.7 lbs (31%) and you're 24.5 inches long (70%)! You are one long little dude. Which explains why you are growing out of all your clothes so quickly. The verdict is still out on who you look like. Most the time you look just like your dad but when you look at my baby pictures you look more like me.

River 3 months
these pictures have nothing to do with being 3 months old I just think you look stinkin adorable chillaxing in your bumbo

Your personality is coming out every day too! You've been trying to laugh for a long time. Then finally when you turned 12 weeks you let out a real laugh. It melted my heart. Even though you would only do it for your dad... I let him have it. Because after all you did smile at me first. BUT THEN on Sunday - you giggled! It never occurred to me that one of these days you would do more than let out a little laugh.. you let out a full on belly laugh. I stopped in my tracks. (tracks = meaning my conversation with your Aunt Camille) and just smiled. (and sorta teared up) it was precious. And now you do it every time we play with your little tummy or feet.

River 3 months

In so many ways I want to teach you things.. like how to grab more toys or coo different things. (or vaccuum or start doing chores.. whatever) But in all honesty Im in no rush. You're going to learn it in time and Im not ready for you to figure everything out right away! However, you are finally starting to be okay with tummy time. Which I am thankful for.

To your dad & me you are the happiest baby ever. Granted, we have nothing to compare you to. But for the most part the only time you get upset is if you're tired or hungry. (please dont prove me wrong on that because I just wrote that out)

River 3 months

Oh and Im pretty sure we just decided last night that you are done with the swaddle. I have a serious love/hate relationship with that darn thing. So we went cold turkey.. let you sleep without it and it went better than expected. I have no idea if you actually slept at all.. but you didnt cry too much so I suppose thats good. However your naps havent gone as well so we will see what happens.

Speaking of sleep you are a baby that loves your sleep!! (and thanks to the help of Mary.. and Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child you for the most part sleep really well) That doesnt mean you always want to go to sleep. You sometimes fight it because you would rather see whats going on or hang out with us. But when we work (work being the key word here) at it you want to sleep all the time. I am very thankful for this. Although it would be awesome if you were still willing to just sleep anywhere.. I have a feeling those days are behind us now.

River 3 months

You crack us up because you quickly go from being such a happy smiling baby to a serious baby all the time. You seem to stop and try to take everything in when there is lots going on. But if we get your attention or things are slow then all you do is laugh, smile, and talk.. talk.. talk! I also have the feeling you may be a sensitive little guy. Which I think it will be absolutely wonderful if you stay that way. I pray that you always know how loved you are and are able to understand the Fathers love for you too. I think your dad & I both agree that if we had realized how much we would love you and how fun being your parents would be .. we would have had you a LONG time ago!

River 3 months

ps: Im so proud of myself for just getting that done.. and only 11 days late!

pps: apparently River just learned to roll over. Freeland came in and said "well he likes his tummy time now. He uses one arm but he keeps rolling over so I just keep putting him back" WHHHAAATTTTT??? I immediately made him show me. And what do you know... he rolled right back over. funny how it just happens out of nowhere.


  1. Such a sweet post! Those pictures are too cute! I love all the facial expressions!

  2. Brooke! how are you? Looks like mommy-hood is going great. I do have to ask though, how is the mommy-working-from-home thing going? I was so hoping my company would let me do that, but not right now. :( Anyways, I think I may have to get the book you recommended. Avery was doing so great with sleeping and eating on a schedule then we went out of town twice. Totally got us off and then we both got sick. Anyways, any tips for sleeping and such, send them my way!

    River is a cutie! If you come to Dallas again, let me know and maybe we can meet up!


  3. Praise be to the book-obviously to the good Lord most of all but the book is such a gift to those who try it. Tonight Sean said, "I am so thankful that we can put our kids to bed at 7 and just hang out and know that they will sleep until 7 in the morning. We get to hang out!" I'm so glad he is doing well. What a tall boy!

  4. I love reading your baby updates. River is a few days/weeks older than my son and it is funny to read your blog then a few days later Jake does the same things :)