Thursday, June 24, 2010

we are family .. all my brothers and my sisters and me

that song was stuck in my head as I finally went through the pictures from when my dad, tracy, and brother all came to visit.

It was seriously so nice having them here to meet River and help out. Have I mentioned that yet?

My dad & Tracy came early to surprise me on my birthday and then my brother got here on Saturday to help us celebrate Freeland's boards being finished! I wish I had pictures from my dad & tracy when they first met River. Since it was a surprise I didnt have the camera ready but it was a sweet moment. My dad cried. They both love him so much (of course) but I loved getting to see them meet him and love on him.

Here are some pictures from right when my brother got here before we went out to celebrate:

Jason holding River for the first time

side note: my brother is a wonderful uncle and absolutely loved River & was such a natural with him. It was really fun to watch. I cant wait for River to be older and get to play with him even more.

dad, son, and grandson

River with his family (he didnt get the memo to look at the camera in any of these pictures)


River staring at the ceiling fan.. its his best friend.

ackley family of 3

I'll upload more pictures soon. I just wanted to share those while I had a chance.


  1. What cute pictures!! He is so adorable and you look great!!

  2. I haven't congratulated you yet -- Congratulations on River! He is such a cutie and he definately looks like his dad. Rhett loved ceiling fans too when he was a wee little one -- I'll never forget the first time we took him to Lowes and walked through the lighting and fan area. Anyways, you all are a precious family! It's fun to keep via blogging.

  3. post pics of the nursery and the rest of your house!!! {unless i missed this already!}

  4. **fun to keep UP via blogging**

    sorry for the typo!! :-)

  5. so cute!! where'd you get his outfit?!?! i love it!

  6. Sarah - thats a great idea! We'll definitely have to take him to lowe's to see all the fans! Thanks for the congratulations too!

    Amber - here is a link to pictures of his room. We never really did anything else because well.. thats just the way we are I suppose! :)

    Stacey - the outfit is from Target. Its the dwell outfits that are in the boxes. we love it & he wears all of their shirts ALL THE TIME!