Monday, June 14, 2010

an update of sorts

Well for the first time in weeks we are all by ourselves again. (sing it with me: all by ourselves... dont want to be all by ourselves... no?)  My Aunt left yesterday. It was sad. We have definitely been spoiled with so many visitors! Having all this help has been amazing. This morning I didnt know what to do with myself!

Remember when I wrote that River was an amazing sleeper and blah blah blah.. well he hasn't slept well since that day. I think he forgot that he isnt a newborn. And we arent still at the hospital. And that its okay to sleep 5+ hours at a time. Either that or he is just more aware of whats going on around him and doesn't want to miss out on anything. Party animal I tell ya!

Freeland & I are starting a diet today. I very much do not want to do it. But I very much want to fit in my clothes again so it is necessary. Oh and do you want to know how necessary it is? We did our measurements yesterday - it was the most depressing thing I have done in a long time because Freeland and I somehow almost have the same exact measurements. Problem is - he is OVER 6 FEET TALL... and IM ONLY 5'2" (and a half) ... so our arms, waist, hips, etc. shouldn't be that close! That was a huge reality check for me.

Freeland wakes up at 3:30 every morning to get to the hospital by 4:00am. Its sick. Dont worry he goes to bed at 8:00-8:30 every night though.

When River cries and it sounds like he is crying "mooooooooooom" I love it. And secretly want him to keep crying just so I can hear him say "mooooooooommmmm" even though obviously I dont want him to cry.. I do.

Oh and in other news I am going to turn my comments back on this week. Sorry they have been off so long. Im a jerk.

PS: Dear Fabulous K, I think its time we get this blog updated. Agree? I will be adding my name to your wait list soon!