Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Freelands first day of rotations
Freeland loving on River once he got home from the hospital

This week Freeland started his 3rd year of medical school.. which means he started his rotations! (remember he doesnt ever have class again!) His first rotation is Internal Medicine. Its actually his first 3 months (technically the first 12 weeks.. normally his rotations will only be 4 weeks long)

Freelands first day of rotations
River & Freeland passed out after a long day

His first 2 days went well. They were definitely long days! And he was actually on call his second day! So we are jumping right into this season of life!

And even though Freeland is thankful to finally be in the hospital and learning more..

Freelands first day of rotations

Im pretty sure he misses River like crazy during the day. (note: he said this was the first time he missed River even more than he missed me!!!) And we definitely miss him. Im really not used to him being gone all day anymore so its sad. But guess what? When he comes home at night - he doesnt have to study as much anymore so I will take that trade anyday!! Oh and dont get me started on how nice it will be to have weekends back too!

Freelands first day of rotations

Im also super thankful to have my Aunt here this week helping out. She has made the transition much easier. And of course she is loving getting to hold & play with River all day!

I would have tried to get a picture of Freeland with his white coat on but I decided not to push my luck. Besides, I think him & River are much cuter than those pictures would have been.