Monday, June 7, 2010

per your request .. the video of river & the dogs

here is the video that we have of the pups meeting River for the first time. Its seriously short & sweet but you can now all see how they reacted. I wish I would have recorded Maddie wanting to lick River when he cried and Oliver jumping up to see what was wrong. But instead here is this:

exciting stuff huh?

Sorry if you have to run to the bathroom since the video is so shaky!

And seriously I just have to post another video. (mostly for our families Im sure) but here is River hanging out with his dad. You can see the many faces he makes. His smile is normally larger than this but you can still see his sweet little smile. And you can listen to Freeland talk to River about how much he needed a bath...

I'll work on getting a better video next time!