Monday, June 28, 2010

I feel like I just won the lottery!

picture from Fabulous K's blog!


so last night.. while I was up at 3:00am feeding my son.. I happened to be checking twitter on my phone (thank goodness for my phone. It keeps me from falling asleep while feeding my son at 3:00am)

I saw that I had a mention. If you read twitter you know what that means. If not.. then you probably dont care.

this is what it read: fabkcreative: @brookeackley I just drew my winner & it was YOU!! Congrats!

background to the story: FabK had a giveaway on her blog for The Vintage Pearl.

At this point I let out a little (LOUD) squil and scared the poo out of River. Seriously - he pooped. Then he finished eating & went back to sleep. With a dirty diaper.

I, on the other hand, could not fall back asleep. All I could do was browse The Vintage Pearl website on my phone and dream about all the things I want to order & gifts I could get for friends & how beautiful a new necklace would be & how a DIAMOND is River's birthstone - lucky me if I HAVE to have a necklace with his birthstone!

(photo also from Fabulous K's blog)

So - do you see how I feel like I pretty much won the lottery!?!!?!?!? (Ive never won anything online before. (except the one time I THOUGHT I won something online and it was just Freeland tricking me!) but Ive seriously tried to win so many things online and either never remember to enter the contest in time or I just flat out dont win.) So this is HUGE people.

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FABULOUS K! And if you dont read her blog you should - Im pretty sure she not only has LOTS of giveaways (YOU could be next!), amazing blog designs, but she also posts tons of eye candy everyday for you to enjoy.

And seriously - if you havent heard of Vintage Pearl you probably dont have the Internet (kidding) but seriously her jewelry is AH-MAZING. (so is her blog) check it out.

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