Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 months


I know every mom says it. So it almost feels like I have to start this post this way:

"I cant believe River is already 2 months old"

there. got that out of my system. But seriously. Im amazed. I tell everyone that I knew I would love him & love being a mom but Im always surprised how much I love it and how natural it feels. There are multiple times during the day/week that Im sitting with River and just tear up because I cant believe we were surprised with such an amazing blessing.

So for the sake of our families & for me to remember here are the things that stick out as of now:

*River is really for the most part an easy baby. (it will probably change tomorrow since I just wrote that down). And I feel like he has grown into his name. I absolutely love it.

*He has been in his own room & crib since we brought him home from the hospital. Im thankful we did it that way. For us it was what worked best. (and his room is right next to ours so its easy). I tried letting him sleep in the room with us (after he had already been in his own crib) and I didnt get any sleep so that was the deciding factor. I can see how people love co-sleeping though. A newborn sleeping nuzzled next to you has to be the sweetest thing in the world. There were nights I had to force myself to put him in his own crib just because for him - I know he sleeps better that way.

*He smiled at us at 4 weeks & 1 day. And its the most melt your heart smile in the world. He now smiles all the time and  I love it.

*He started cooing around 5 weeks (i think - I really have no idea? bad mom of the year alert)

*And he slept through the night for the first time at exactly 7 weeks. He obviously doesn't do it every night but probably does 3-4 times a week so Im thankful. I at least know he can do it and soon he'll get in the habit of it. The other nights he just wakes up every 3-5 hours.. and of course there are nights he likes to keep me on my toes and wakes up every 2 hours also.

*We started getting him to nap in his crib during the day instead of his swing around 7 weeks. It was hard at first because he would wake up every 30 minutes in his crib but sleep for 3 hours in his swing. But after 2 days of just putting him back in his crib over and over during the afternoon to sleep he eventually got it & can now easily nap in there also. (this was a "must" since I was going back to work otherwise I probably wouldn't have cared)

*We just learned a new trick where if we stick our tongue out at him he will do it back to us. I love it because it makes him smile like crazy.

*Going on walks or riding in the car actually doesn't really put him to sleep like they say it does for most babies. He seems so interested in whats going on around him that he fights sleeping even when he is tired if we are out.

*Oh and his 2 month shots have to be the worst thing I have ever experienced. The doctor said really only 10% of babies react to the shots and get fussy or dont feel well. I guess River was the lucky 10% because for the next  3 days he was not loving life. poor thing.

*We're using cloth diapers and so far it really isnt bad at all. But Im not the one who remembers to do the laundry everyday so you might want to ask Freeland how its going instead. (He'll say its going well)

*River pees on Freeland all the time when he is changing his diaper. Ive only had it happen once (Im a pro. just kidding. its pure luck)  Oh but he did poop on me for the first time the other night. (we had him in a disposable diaper because we were out & it leaked. lovely) Was that TMI?

*It seems like he is starting to notice the animals. He'll look at them and follow them with his eyes if they are walking by but other than that he never pays any attention to them yet.

*He is still a skinny mini .. must take after his mom. Just Kidding. Thats a lie. I need to go finish my large oreo milkshake from Chick Fil A now..

Thats all I can think of at the moment. If you made it to the end of this post give yourself a pat on the back! Not to worry I probably wont do this every month. Im definitely not organized enough to do a monthly post for him like all you other super moms out there! Getting his baby book filled out is a huge accomplishment for me!