Wednesday, May 26, 2010

redneck baby

business in the front:

Business in the front
staring at his dad

party in the back:

Party in the back
(his little mini mullet)

Here you can see it better in this picture:

Party in the back

River was born with strawberry blonde hair. Its actually the first thing our doctor said when he delivered him "he's a red head" WHAT??? I was shocked. Somehow the possibility of him having red hair never occurred to me. It was a fun surprise. And if you look close in the pictures above you can actually see exactly where he gets it from :)  Like father - like son.  (freelands beard in case you cant tell what Im talking about)

Well all of it has fallen out except the little "rats tail" (just kidding) in the back. It looks like its coming in blonde but I guess only time will tell. Either way i think his bald head is pretty darn cute.

oh and just for kicks here is a picture of River smiling:
River Smiling

Actually thats just him starting to smile. His real smile is HUGE and with his entire mouth open. I love it. I posted more pictures of him smiling on twitter.. you can always see those by clicking on the link over there on the right
*thanks Dawn for the PJ's ;)