Friday, May 7, 2010

please step away from the scale

I dont know what I was thinking before I had River but I seriously just expected all the weight to just magically melt off right after I delivered him.

I guess because I read about other people (who will remain nameless) who were back in their regular jeans & clothes by the end of the first month? And everyone always told me "breastfeeding burns sooooo many calories that I could just eat what I wanted and the weight just kept coming off." Who are you people? Really?  :)

I seriously came home from the hospital the same weight that I was going in to deliver. Ignore that I just had a son who weighed 7lbs 11 oz & that I lost a lot of fluid etc... nope the weight was still there somehow or I gained it back eating hospital food? Its a mystery to me. (obviously I have lost some of the weight by now but just not what I thought I would have lost by this point.)

So now Im trying to tell myself 9 months on - 9 months off. And Im also promising myself that I will stop stepping on that darn scale in our bathroom every morning because its getting me nowhere.

The bag of double stuffed Oreo's that I cant stop eating probably isn't helping either.

PS: Trust me, I realize there are much more important issues in life. And while I was pregnant I feel like I really did learn a lot about how I viewed my weight, the ways my clothes fit, bad hair days and all that jazz. I was SO thankful to learn how horrible my self image was before I was pregnant -  It really felt freeing to figure that out. So thats what Im holding onto now :)

And to those of you who didnt magically fit in your regular clothes right away either - hopefully it encourages you to see that there is someone else who didnt too.