Sunday, May 2, 2010

my grandpa

Clyde collage

This week was a little more emotional than I expected it to be. One of my friends had her baby and we have been praying for them & their son (more on this asap) Also, my grandpa passed away this week.

He died very peacefully and and with his family right by his side at the hospital. Although I was sad that I couldn't be with him & even more sad that River never had a chance to meet him, I am thankful my dad & the rest of our family were with him & he was surrounded by all the people he loved most.


grandpa letting me play with his hair

He was one of the sweetest men. Always calm and always positive. He loved my grandma well & everyone else around him. Ill always remember riding in his truck & him letting me drive the lawn mower for hours on end (which when I was young - I thought was the coolest thing ever). I honestly dont think there was ever one negative word spoken out of his mouth. And as my dad says.. if you didnt know all the hard things (physically) that he was going through, you would never know because he was always so positive and never complained.

More than anything Im thankful that I know he is in Heaven now so it really is more of a celebration of that & of his life! Im glad that we can all rejoice that he is with the Lord.