Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meeting little Jackson Lee

As you may remember our friends Bill & Christie had their baby earlier this month. Such a huge reason to celebrate since they have been praying for this little guy for a long time!

It was our first time back to the hospital since River and I was SOO excited to get up there & meet him.

Jackson looks just like Christie (we saw her baby pictures) and Christie was a trooper waiting for him to arrive and working hard during labor! Major props to her!

Here's Jackson and River meeting:


can't you tell how much they love each other already?

and here are the proud dad's holding their sons:




So sweet! I love it.

It was CRAZY how much bigger River was and he was only a month older. I loved it though because Jackson weighed the exact same as River did when he was born so I was able to hold him and see how much River really had grown. And then I was devistated because I realized exactly how much River really had grown.