Thursday, May 13, 2010

the light at the end of the tunnel

River helping Freeland study
River & Freeland studying for boards

Today is officially the last day that Freeland has to go to class at Lecom!

Can I get an A-men?

Now please let me clarify, he isnt done with med school. He still has 2 years of rotations to complete. Then his residency.

But as of this afternoon at 5:00 he no longer has to sit in the classroom.  Ever.

Not that Im wishing this season of our life away. I actually really enjoy it but I wont even tell you the total number of years Freeland has been sitting in a classroom. Lets just say I think its time he is out of that darn classroom!

umm lets also not mention that his boards are in 2 weeks.. thats a whole different tunnel that we need to get through! :)