Friday, May 21, 2010

how I spent my 1st mothers day

pretty much like this:


eddie joined in too:


Mothers day was great. Especially considering Freeland still had to study the whole day. He did everything he could to make it special. That morning we woke up and went to church (our first time back) River did wonderful. Of course we were super sensitive to any noise he made during the service.. (paranoid much?) then I relaxed the whole day & that night we went to the most classy dinner ever.. at Applebee's. Wow. In our defense we had a gift card so thats why we went there. (nothing against applebee's its more of a joke between us)

It was special to be able to celebrate.. and at the same time I definitely felt like I didnt deserve it seeing as I had only been a mom for just over a month. My mom, my Nana, and my Grandma all sent me my first Mothers Day cards in the mail. And my Mom had flowers sent to me also. It was nice how many text, emails, etc. that all our friends sent too. I couldnt believe how thoughtful so many people were.

And now Im definitely looking forward to Freeland getting to celebrate his first Fathers Day!